Rare Behind the Scenes of “Black or White” – Sage with Michael Jackson

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Administrator’s Note: Michael is such a sweetheart! ♥ ♥ For those who don’t know, Sage is the little girl who dances with Michael in the indian scene in the Black or White short film.  Sage’s mother is Joanelle Romero. Joanelle and Michael attended the Garner Street elementary school in the 6th grade where he asked her to go steady.


Sage has grown up to a be a beautiful young woman and  is now a singer.


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On Twerking

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Everyone’s talking about twerking nowadays like it’s a new thing. It’s not a new thing, but it IS a newly annoying thing that we’re obsessed with. I’m not helping by writing about it, but I had to get my general thoughts out before Gretchen Carlson has a “how to twerk” segment on her morning Fox News show.

As you know, twerking is sticking your butt out and jiggling it like your life depends on it. You know it when you see it. If you’re still not sure what it is, go to YouTube. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

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