ABC’s ‘World News’ Continues to Eke Out Ratings Victory Over NBC’s ‘Nightly’

Originally posted on Variety:

ABC is making strides in the TV-news wars, narrowly taking the lead from NBC’s long-dominant “Nightly News” in the demographic most important to advertisers for three out of the last four weeks of weekday broadcasts.

To be certain, ABC’s “World News” is edging NBC by the slimmest of margins – just 8,000 viewers between 25 and 54 in the five days starting April 28 – and continues to lag well behind the Brian Williams-led Peacock newscast in terms of overall viewership. But the newscast is making strides in an important category, bringing to mind the idea that, just as ABC’s “Good Morning America” eventually took ground from NBC’s “Today” in the ratings after years in second place, so too is “World News”attempting to catch up to its rival.

“I think this is just a nice chapter in a very long march. We have got a long way to go,” said…

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Very Interesting.

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