Watch Michael Arrington’s Fireside Chat With Marissa Mayer Here At 2:00 PM EDT

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As Disrupt NY comes to a close, Marissa Mayer is set to take the stage with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. The interview will start around 2:00 PM EDT, following a talk with the creator of WordPress and founder of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg. Then, the finalists of the Disrupt Battlefield, wi
May 07, 2014 at 11:07PM
By Deepak verma

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Don’t Let Your Husband Be a Stay-At-Home Dad

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The socioeconomics of parenting are changing. The number of stay-at-home fathers in the past decade has doubled since the 1970s to about 550,000 men, and that figure is expected to grow, especially as more wives take on the breadwinning role in their marriages and the cost of childcare holds intolerable for many families.

I currently earn more than my husband and have, at times, romanticized over him supporting us as the primary caretaker in our growing family. What mother doesn’t enjoy coming home to a home-cooked meal, clean house and bathed child? And more dad involvement is never a bad thing. The stronger the relationship between father and child, the happier the family is, according to a joint study by Brigham Young University and Utah State University.

On the other hand, though, quitting your job to be a stay-at-home parent carries a number of potential risks. And when that parent…

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HBO Renews ‘Vice’ For Two More Seasons


I know my brother will be SO excited!

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Good news for “Vice” watchers — the news magazine series has been renewed for two more seasons, HBO programming prexy Michael Lombardo announced Wednesday.

The show’s third season on the premium cabler is slated to premiere 2015 with 14 episodes, followed by season four in 2016. The 14-episode order is an increase from the previous 12-episode seasons.

Along with host and “Vice” magazine founder Shane Smith, “Vice” correspondents travel the world to bring viewers overlooked and under-reported stories in a documentary style. The topics explored range from civil unrest and terrorism to government corruption and environmental catastrophes. 

“The success of ‘Vice’ on HBO proves that people are hungry to be engaged in world events when the storytelling is not packaged into sound bites,” Lombardo said in a statement. “’Vice’s’ smart, honest, in-depth approach to news coverage is a perfect complement to HBO’s programming.”

“We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to HBO for…

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The MEMI, A Smartbracelet For Women, Vibrates When You Get Calls And Texts


Jewelry and Technology in one hot bracelet – AWESOME SAUCE!

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In TechCrunch Disrupt NY’s Startup Alley today, MEMI co-founder and president Margaux Guerard is demonstrating her company’s iPhone-compatible smartbracelet. Aimed at women who tend to carry their mobile phones in their handbag, the MEMI alerts you to incoming calls, texts and calendar events with
May 07, 2014 at 09:16PM
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Thank You Teachers

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“It takes a special person to light that fire, to raise our children’s expectations for themselves and never give up on them, no matter how challenging it might be. All of us are here because at some point, somebody did that for us.”

I have lost count of how many times my kids have come home and said,
“Mrs. Juar…I mean Mommy?” Or “Mrs. Burkhol…ah, I mean Mommy!” Then they giggle and apologize. But, I don’t think that’s necessary.
And, it’s not just this year. It has happened every year, at least once a week, since they started school.

Instead of getting upset or discouraged that they want to call me by their teachers name: it makes me feel good. I am totally ok with it. I can see why a teacher is easily confused with me…a Mommy.

These teachers take care of my kids all day long at school.

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Michael Jordan In Book: I Was Racist ‘Against All White People’ As Teen



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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Michael Jordan says he considered himself “a racist … against all white people” when he was a teenager.

The revelation comes in a new book, “Michael Jordan: The Life,” by Ronald Lazenby. Jordan said he grew up with the Ku Klux Klan influencing many aspects of life in North Carolina, including education and sports. It all came to a head when he was called a racial slur by a classmate in 1977.

“So I threw a soda at her,” said Jordan, who was suspended for the incident. “I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all white people.”

Jordan credits his mother for changing his outlook.

The 51-year-old Hall of Famer recently condemned racist remarks that resulted in a lifetime ban for Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

“I am appalled that this type of ignorance still exists…

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