Companies know they should pay interns—and that’s why they’re getting rid of them


Gone are the days of free labor for high school and college students . . . so where can they get work experience??

Originally posted on Quartz:

While US companies revved up full-time job creation in April, they are hiring 3.4% fewer interns this summer than in 2013, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers new survey.

The cutbacks came in fewer internships aimed at students earning associates, master’s and PhD degrees internships and fellowships, and NACE noted that the US manufacturing sector also planned to cut internships this year by as much as 34% while the computer / electrics firms also trimmed substantially.

NACE surveys employers with paid and unpaid internships, and its research from 2013 showed unpaid ones are found almost as often in business as in the nonprofit sector.

About 8% of employers that previously had interns decided not to hire any this year, according to a Michigan State University recruiting report based on surveying 2,300 employers. “I’ve seen a leveling off” in intern hiring after rapid increases in internships at startups and mid-sized companies in the last decade, says Philip…

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Very Interesting.

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