#ThrowbackThursday for #BlackMusicMonth “Ruler of My Heart” by The Incomparable Lisa Fischer

The movie “That Night” (1992) was such a beautiful movie about the loss of innocence and teenage love. Its soundtrack only augmented that sentiment. This song has been one of my favorite songs (the I can identify with all too well these days). Lisa Fischer is a true vocalist and an artist in her craft. ENJOY!

Guest Post – 10 Differences Between Dating A Girl VS. Dating A Woman


This is a WONDERFUL post about dating GIRLS vs WOMEN . . . and I am ALL WOMAN! #grownwomanissues

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I  had read an article titled “10 Differences Between Dating A Boy VS. Dating A Man“.

What was coincidental about this was that I had planned to write a post on relationships, and felt that doing a parody of Jarrid Wilson‘s post would be a great place to start. I cannot tell you how many times I see men complaining about how they can’t find a “good woman” or a “real woman”. To put it quite bluntly, you can’t find one because you aren’t looking for the right one. A pretty face is nothing compared to a woman with a beautiful heart, and a beautiful mind (reference to #10 on Jarrid‘s post).
And let me add this, womanhood has little to do with physical age, and more to do with mental maturity.

Here are 10 differences between dating a girl VS. dating a woman:

1.A girl will…

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¡Callate La Boca! Jennifer Lopez Deebo’s Casper Smart Into Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement About Their Relationship!


Ahh, YEAH!!! That is a VERY smart move for Miss J.Lo! Don’t we all wish would could distribute this to EVERY boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse you have in a relationship?!

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Jennifer Lopez takes Casper Smart shopping at Zara

She JUST now doing this?!?

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