#ThrowbackThursday for #BlackMusicMonth “Ruler of My Heart” by The Incomparable Lisa Fischer

The movie “That Night” (1992) was such a beautiful movie about the loss of innocence and teenage love. Its soundtrack only augmented that sentiment. This song has been one of my favorite songs (the I can identify with all too well these days). Lisa Fischer is a true vocalist and an artist in her craft. ENJOY!

Guest Post – 10 Differences Between Dating A Girl VS. Dating A Woman


This is a WONDERFUL post about dating GIRLS vs WOMEN . . . and I am ALL WOMAN! #grownwomanissues

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I  had read an article titled “10 Differences Between Dating A Boy VS. Dating A Man“.

What was coincidental about this was that I had planned to write a post on relationships, and felt that doing a parody of Jarrid Wilson‘s post would be a great place to start. I cannot tell you how many times I see men complaining about how they can’t find a “good woman” or a “real woman”. To put it quite bluntly, you can’t find one because you aren’t looking for the right one. A pretty face is nothing compared to a woman with a beautiful heart, and a beautiful mind (reference to #10 on Jarrid‘s post).
And let me add this, womanhood has little to do with physical age, and more to do with mental maturity.

Here are 10 differences between dating a girl VS. dating a woman:

1.A girl will…

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¡Callate La Boca! Jennifer Lopez Deebo’s Casper Smart Into Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement About Their Relationship!


Ahh, YEAH!!! That is a VERY smart move for Miss J.Lo! Don’t we all wish would could distribute this to EVERY boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse you have in a relationship?!

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Jennifer Lopez takes Casper Smart shopping at Zara

She JUST now doing this?!?

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Let’s make this spoof Tinder movie trailer into a reality

Originally posted on Metro:

Swipe left or right, momentous decisions made by a swish of a finger.

Tinder, the speed dating app, has now been given the film treatment by comedy video troupe Bad Weather Films.

The revolutionary app provides users with a ‘match’ within seconds of showing your interest in someone by swiping right.

The film not only discusses the pitfalls of accidentally swiping the wrong way, but also the birth of the app.

Naysayers could say this spoof trailer mocks the box office hit about the birth of Facebook, The Social Network.

However, its solid premise as a retelling of the Tinder story, based around the romantic ambitions of a socially awkward man wanting to meet women, means maybe we should start crowd sourcing this now…?

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