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REVIEW: Holler If Ya Hear Me: Tupac Shakur on Broadway


As a Tupac fan and lover of QUALITY Hip Hop, I am so excited about this production!

Originally posted on TIME:

The first thing people are likely to notice when they walk into the Palace Theatre on Broadway, where the new Tupac Shakur musical Holler If Ya Hear Me has just opened, is a lot of empty seats. Most of the orchestra section has been cleared out, and a new tier of stadium-style seating erected just above it, connecting with the mezzanine to make a smaller, more intimate theater space. But what about those unused seats? A refuge, I wondered, for the old-fogy theatergoers who might wander in by mistake and get driven out by the rough language, the rap music, the hard-edged ghetto ambience, the N-word?

Rap music and Broadway have had only passing encounters over the past two decades. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Tony-winning In the Heights used rap music as a narrative device and a few off-Broadway shows — like the Shakespeare send-up The Bomb-itty of Errors and Matt Sax’s…

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