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After being inspired by the success of Julie and Julia movie, I have decided to make a blog.

I am a writer at heart but an educator by trade so naturally, writing is an innate past-time and a required skill.

But instead of using my skill to grade student papers and lecture about grammar, I have decided starting today to write a blog about me as a whole person with likes and dislikes, adventures,”dorky” obsessions, and lifelong goals.

I hope to develop myself more as a person and as a writer as a result of this process (and maybe even have a real audience that can respond to my musings as well). So here we go . . .

To start, click one of a title on the Recent Posts. There you can read my blog postings. You can also click onto any of the categories underneath for older postings. Please feel free to leave a constructive comment.


Posing After My Talk on "The Legacy of Nora Ephron and Feminist Film in the 21st Century"

Posing After My Talk on “The Legacy of Nora Ephron and Feminist Film in the 21st Century”

alice in wonderland.jpgglee hunger games alicia keys.jpg

This was the winning Electric Guitar (signed by Fantasia) that re-inspired me to pursue my passions full-time

This was the winning Electric Guitar (signed by Fantasia) that re-inspired me to pursue my passions full-time.


My Mogul Role Model

My Mogul Role Model



My Mogul Role Model

My Mogul Role Model #2


Beautiful drawing or tattoo inspiration? My birthday will be the judge

Beautiful drawing or tattoo inspiration? My birthday will be the judge


Me with Desiree Rogers, former Social Secretary to the First Lady. She is now the CEO of Ebony Magazine.


My Mogul Role Model #3

My Mogul Role Model #3


kidnplay.jpgmike&mike.jpgthegreatgatsby.jpgLes Miserables

Have a wonderful day! :)





216 thoughts on “About My Blog

  1. tyshona says:

    I really thought the video was really cute. I have never seen that many people dancing together like that, it look like so much fun. That was turely something to see, it showed togetherness and thats beautiful. I wish we could do something like that at the school the whole process would be very interesting.

    • The Black Eye Peas group did a wonderful job with performing the song. At first I was wondering why that one particular lady was the only one dancing and everyone else wasn’t. I have never seen so many people doing the same choreography of a song at the same time; they looked so neat and organized. I enjoyed watching the video and it looked like everyone was enjoying it also especially Oprah.

      • Wow! well I have to say even though that performance was way before I was born, the song sound like it just got released. The grammy awards back then look more like a soul train setting than how it looks today. Looking at Micheal Jackson and looking at him in recent pictures I think of how can one person change so much that you cant even recognize anything about him anymore. Overall the performance was good and the audience was enjoying it a lot as well.

    • honestly i want to help these hatians so much more than just giving money but,i can only do what i can from being here.seen this catastrophy makes me realize that anything can happen at anytime. such a small island with so many dead people is just sad and leave one in a speechless state.im jamaican and seen this make me realize that this could have happened to my country and i could have being in a situation like other hatians that lost their love ones.My way of dealing with this is by leaving everything in the hands of the Lord cause everything happens for a reason whether its for the best or not.

    • I think Persident Obama has a plan for his people and its us who need to help in whatever way we can to help make a difference.His statement about us citizen expecting certain things from him is true because during the election a lot of promises were being made to us so;therefore,we need to have those promises fulfilled.Also i think it’s very thoughtful of him to wanting to help small business owners with getting a business loan.This is because a lot of time one have a idea to start their own business but lack help from others meaning the bank or the Presidents law.I think the President have a plan and it will be successful because he’s a man of his words.

      • I think Persident Obama has a plan for his people.Americans need to help in whatever way they can to help make a difference.His statement about us citizen expecting certain things from him is true.During the election a lot of promises were being made to us so;therefore,we need to have those promises fulfilled.Also i think it’s very thoughtful of him to wanting to help small business owners with getting a business loan.This is because a lot of time one have a idea to start their own business but lack help from others meaning the bank or the Presidents law.I think the President have a plan and it will be successful because he’s a man of his words.

    • The Micheal Jackson We Are The World song is a very inspirational song. The song gives one the feeling that they are not going throught their problems by themselves.There were a lot of singers in this song that i dont know. The collaboration was very organized and put together. The part of the song that i loved the most was the chorus.It shows us that every individuals are the people that make up this world. Also, we are the children and inorder for us to make a brighter day for the less fortunates we should start giving. Giving in my perspective means, if its a nickle you have you should not be embarrass to give it because it will make a big difference.

    • As i sit and watch the We Are The World 25 for Haiti video tears are filled in my eyes.It is so sad to see others suffer so much and cant really do nothing about the situation.I love the fact that america is not a country that cares only about its people but also others. this song lyrical wise fits perfectly for what is taking place in Haiti at this present moment.even though the video and lyrics was touching it was also fun to watch.This is because it had a combination of a variety singers who sing different genre coming as one to help make a brighter day for others.

    • I really love that song Young Forever by jay- Z and mr Hudson. I thnk its more of an inspirational and encouraging song for others. i shows that life is not perfect so therefore sometimes we hope for the best but in the end its the worst. The only solution to that is keep praying. Also it states that forever young i want to be forever young. I think he is saying that when one is young they dont really have any problems to worry about therefore they tend to always want to stay young because of fearing responsibilities. Overall i think that song is a great song and i love it.

  2. i honestly like the video the people of chicago working together as a team like sports a football team or basketball team. They were having so much fun and from far away they look like dominos when one side of people stood up then folded down then the pattern follow to the end of the huge crowd the n up to the front. Oprah looked very exicited that she had a good feeling that day was a great moment for her and i wish her luck on her last season of the oprah winfrey show. I respect oprah because she is successful and still opening the eyes of black women to see that they can make it not only black women but all women can be successful in any kind of way on any kind of dream they choose to pursue.

  3. I thought the I gotta feeling video was very interesting and entertaining. At first I was thinking how come nobody was dancing other than that women in the front near the stage but after seeing the rest of the video and I was blown away at how in sync all those people were. I find it amazing how people can get together with a plan and accomplish something like that

  4. At first I was like how come no one else was dancing other than the women in the front near the stage but after watching the rest of the video I was blown away by how in sync all the people were. That choreography they performed was one of the best i’ve ever seen with so many people doing it. I’m amazed at how so one can come up with this and have it executed so well.

  5. mattpayne08 says:

    cool video with a neat concept…the power of one.”one” being a person or event or deed which can lead to a chain reaction affecting others around.for instance, starting something as simple as a blog could lead to….a good day!

  6. bashara2009 says:

    the i gotta feeling video was very nice. i actually caught chills watching it and how they put that together. its a very interesting piece that had me wondering how they got all those people to do that. i really enjoyed it.

  7. lachrisa09 says:

    Lacrishia Jeffries,
    I really enjoyed the “I gotta feeling” video because it was very creative and well done. I wish I would have been there to be apart of something so put together. When it first begun and I noticed the young lady dancing alone I wondered why nobody was staring and everybody else was just standing there, and as more people joined I thought it was very ingenious, inspiring and entertaining.

  8. eben1201 says:

    I found the video to be very interesting.I thought it was kinda weird that only one person dancing. I under stood the concept after everyone else started dancing with her. To me it shows how people can come together as one.

  9. msai0223 says:

    the i got a feeling with Oprah was a great video. the concept to me was to show people united as 1. performing a huge dance number together as 1 as well.

  10. cbarry2 says:

    I loved the ” I Gotta Feeling” video. It was absolutely amazing. I wonder if it was choreographed. There was a lot of talent in that audience. It makes me want to learn the routine.

  11. The i gotta the feeling video was good.It show that people can get along if they work together.I know it was hard for them to get everyone to work together but it came out perfect.

  12. tscarr says:

    I think that “The Student Becomes a Teacher New Years Resolution is very inspiring. Remembering the past is very important because the past made or makes up the future. What you do and the decisions you make in the present makes up your future. Never be afraid to try new things and make the best out of life for right now. Set your goals and aim to reach them.

  13. morf0128 says:

    This video was AMAZING! I love how at first the one lady looked like she had lost her mind dancing alone, and gradually more and more people began to do the dance. The choreographer should get alot of credit because the way they moved with the music is what makes the dance, how they stop when the beat slows down and they speed it up as the beat begins to get faster and faster. Great, great video.

  14. petey86 says:

    I watched the video and at first I thought the lady dancing by herself was a bit crazy. When everyone then joined in everything came together. Watching that showed how it only takes one person to get something started, but it takes a group of people acting together as one to keep it moving!

  15. I loved the “I Am Yours Teaser” video. I just loved how Beyonce took her time and explained and performed thoughout her performance. I think this is one of her best videos, since us as fans got to see her behind the scenes. I think she did a great job.

  16. WOw, at first i was confused on why there was only one extra hype girl moving. Then i realized the section of people behind her were moving simultanously. The even was awasome, ive never seen such perfectly well put together participation at such a large scale. I love that everone was wearing bright colors.

  17. danero242 says:

    In responds to the “I gotta a Feeling video” My first impression was that this girl is freaking herself right out, but as the video continued it all became clear that it was all apart of the show. I was immediately blown away, I mean I was excited just watching it wondering how long it took for all those people to practice such a routine and be on time with each movement. Even Oprah was not amazed as much as I was an she was there. Watching that video really opened my eyes in relation to what we can achieve together.

  18. darlida says:

    The video was really interesting because it was real cool the way the people danced together. At first I was wondering why the lady was the only one dancing. Then more and more people started dancing together like a wave. I thought that was real nice, because they were doing something together.

  19. Wow what an amazing video!!! From what i gatherd, i think the video was trying to send me message, a message to those persons who over work themselves every day and take life too seriously. Even though you should, sometimes having a littl fun doesn’t hurt anyone. Most of all in the video i liked how attractive “Fergie” looked in the video, i thought she was very sexy!!! So that is what i think of if it. Have a nice day. Oh p.s i like your picture to it’s nice :)

    • mrspark1 says:


  20. Wow what an amazing video!!! From what i gatherd, i think the video was trying to send me message, a message to those persons who over work themselves every day and take life too seriously. Even though you should, sometimes having a littl fun doesn’t hurt anyone. Most of all in the video i liked how attractive “Fergie” looked in the video, i thought she was very sexy!!! But other than that the video itself was nice and i feel that i can relate to the song because sometimes i say those same words to myself and hoping my day would be a good day. Oh also i was not sure if i commented on the right video but i hope it’s the right one. Have a nice day :)

  21. Jean Daverne.
    I liked the video “I gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas. I showed me how one person feelings can influence other people to feel the same way you are feeling. It only takes one person to make a different. I love how everyone was dancing and singing around.Way to go.

  22. Jean.
    I liked the video “I gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas. Way yo go. That was my first time watching the video and I love it already. I showed me how one person feelings can influence other people to feel the same way you are feels. It only takes one person to make a different in life. I love how everyone was dancing and singing around. Also it showed how much power words touches people not only that the way music and dancing encourage others. Lets not have bad nights every night lets make this a good night people.

  23. chandriscrawford says:

    I looked at the obama video and i really think that it was ok. I think that it wasn’t one of his best speachess but i liked it alot. And i enjoyed him speaking on new years.

  24. twat0705 says:

    In response to the Obama video; I Feel as though although his speech was very short in comparison to past speeches it was indeed much needed. I am glad to see him extending words of encouragement to the American people. It is as though he attempts to convey a sense of hope. To be completely honest, after the hardships that we have all faced throughout last year alone I must say that these simple words of encouragement were much needed.

  25. The video was well put together do to the fact that it was a begining scene with one person that drawed other people in to become a full scene to create a visual scenary of what their trying to get people to understand, which is the ups and downs of good and bad feelings.

  26. The Obama speech was short, but it was well put together. The words that were spoken by Obama were very encouraging such as everyone has the ability to rise and do what the want to if they have the courage in themselves. This New Year speech might not be helpful to everyone but it was to me because in order for me to accomplish my New Year resolution I needed the encouragement from someone and that person was Obama.

  27. morf0128 says:

    I think the Obama speech was a bit shorter than his usual, but it gets to the point. It may be a rough time right now, but under Obama im sure we will get everything sorted out. Obama is sticking to his plan and that is honorable because even though things may not be going the way he may have wanted, he is sticking to it and trusts in his plan to make a better world.

  28. chacha242 says:

    well this was an awsome video. unfortunately the website didnt allow me to view the video but being the diligent and curious student that i am i went on youtube to watch it ( beacause youtube has everything) but yea the vid was totally cool. like rashad when i first watched the video i was thinking that the girl dancing at the beginning was crazy but when i saw the crowd join in piece by piece i was like i wish i was there. whoever came up with this idea is truly a genius and they really pulled it off, i dont know how but they did.

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan12

  29. The song and lyrical content,expresses positive good expectations and optimistic fun.The author of the lyrics explains his intuition about a wonderful night he’s gonna have,engaging in in fun with his friends.

    This video shows how music is a source of joyful expression,How music unite people of every culture and ethnic backround.All and all it shows how great positive music is universal.Because it’s appreciated by all.

  30. bulls06lions13 says:


  31. twat0705 says:

    I choose to view the Wyclef video and found that his words were very moving. It is more than a great thing for somenone to leave their native country but yet never forget where they have come from. I think what he is doing is great. It’s an inspiration for myself to do more for those who are less fortunate as well as those in my family native lands as well.

    • twat0705 says:

      I also viewed to Michelle Obama video and it simply made me feel that the need to do more on my part as well. There are so many people out there that are homeless, sick, and have very little to no hope in Haiti as well as our own country. We all must chip in to make the world the WE live in a better place.

  32. jfloyd21 says:

    The “Wyclef’s personal Statement” video to me was a voice to people around the world. People around the world can now donate $5.00 to haiti through their call phone. It’s like he clearly addressed any altercation or problem about whatever through his video. By Wyclef setting up his foundation there is no excuse for anyone saying they want to help, and they dont fall through with it. i didnt even know that wyclef was hatian. This is a very touching situation.

  33. jfloyd21 says:

    Video “Weekly Address From The President Of the United States”. Yes the world is still in a recession; this will be an overnight process to climb out of. I feel like everybody needs to just sit back and give president obama apple time and opportunity to fix everything he can. It took the nation a long tiome to get into this process, and it will take us a while to get out of this. i feel like obama is doing everything he can to try and help. And everybody always says GOD BLESS AMERICA, no. It is time for AMERICA TO BLESS GOD. I feel like everything is going to get better, it is just going to take some time.

  34. niesje8 says:

    video:Wyclef’s Personal Statement.

    this video made me realize how much love one person can have for his country! he lives, he breaths, he sleeps haiti! he said he knew he was chosen for a reason, and i believe that too, because how many would do this for their country! i know i would, if i had the money. and i will when i have the money! i’m glad that he is proud to be a haitian, unlike some people of other races who forget where they are coming from! after this video i donated $5 for the earthquake relief, by sending a text!

  35. niesje8 says:

    video: Kanye West – Jezus Walks

    “to the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers, Jezus walks with them”, i think that’s one of the powerful sentences in this video. kanye took different groups of people and tries to show the world that everyone needs Jezus, and that Jezus walks(loves) everyone! He doesn’t have favorites and he doesn’t hate anyone! i also love the end of this video, where there’s a fire a tornado and Kanye with a bible that makes him feel safe! I always loved this song, and i had forgotten about it. thnx for this reminder!

    • As i sit here and type me eyes are filled with ears from watching the We Are The World 25 For Haiti video.It is very sad to see others going through a lot of obstacles and having no control over it.I love the fact that America is not a country that cares only about its people but also others.This song lyrical wise fits as a perfect example for what’s going on in Haiti today.Even though the song is very touching it was fun to see a variety of different singers come together to help make a brighter day for those Haitians.

  36. mrspark1 says:


  37. msnene2009 says:

    I love the address that Mrs.M.Obama made to the world. She lets us know that one day you can have something so precious to you, and then the next it can just be wiped away from you, leaving thousands of people without any food,clothes, and other living essentials.She states that just by donating a few dollars can make a difference in many lives.
    -Zebanisha Monroe

  38. msnene2009 says:

    The statement that Wyclen Jean made was very realistic. He made it known that he isnt just from Haiti but he love his country and that he sleep,breath,and think of Haiti.Meaning that even though he is a artist he have never stop loving and caring for his homeland.He created a foundation that helps people over there have a better loving,and all that he is asking for that 5.00 be donated to help them get over the horrible earthquake that left thousands dead and millions injured.

  39. I have just watched the video “Michelle addresses the nation”. I think it is very sad how Haiti have suffered from the earth quake. I agree with Mrs. Michelle. I think we should all look deep down in our hearts to find some kind of way to help Haiti out. It do not have to be a lot just something to show that you care and are concern.

  40. mrspark1 says:


  41. I have just watched the video on “Wyclef’s Personal statement on the accusation against Yele Haiti”. I think he have come up with a great ideal by starting his own NGO. I think his NGO will be successful. I really believe he will be able to get to people in a different way then others would have. I think he will be able to open people eyes. He is a very strong person who have faith in his country and his people. I pray he gain a lot of support from us americans and the haitians people as well.

  42. I just finished seeing the video of Michelle Obama and I am glad at how fast the united states responded to what happened to Haiti. I’m glad the red cross is involved and helping to spread the message that this people need our help. I feel proud that america has stepped up to help another in need

  43. cbarry2 says:

    I just watch the Beyonce Special Video. She is one of my favorite singers. I must admit I am a fan. This video shows her skills as an entertainer and a human being. My favorite part is when she goes on to tell her story. Another one of my favorites is when she sing “Sweet Dreams” I never really knew what that song was about until i saw this video.

  44. cbarry2 says:

    Lady Gaga on Oprah was definately a performance. I love Lady Gaga for, not only her catchy music, but for her clothing. With Gaga you never know what you are going to get. That is why I’m so intrigued by her. Not only she dresses like a true performer, but She has a remarkable voice.

    Claude Savery

  45. I just seen the Wyclef video and still can’t believe how many lives were lose in this disaster. Also saddened by how they must dispose of all those bodies by burying them in mass graves. But I believe Wyclef is doing a great job by using his image and influence to get people to donate funds to Haiti. I wish the victims of this earthquake and their families well.

  46. lachrisa09 says:

    After watching the video “Michelle addresses the nation” I was very inspired to get out and do what ever I can to help the people in Haiti also. I felt like if the US first lady, Mrs. Obama could take time out of her busy schedule to incourage us to help the people in Haiti, it is well needed to take some time out of my day to donate whatever I can. By doing so I texted the number she informed us about to donate ten dollars to the people in Haiti who are suffering because of this tragic earthquake. We never know when we may be in need so why not help those who are in need so when we are in need there will be help for us. “In about the same degree as you are helpful, you will be happy.”

    Lacrishia Jeffries

  47. kkklllggg says:

    After listening and watching president Obama’s speech on MLK’s legacy I found it in a way inspiring. He made it known that as a govenrment they will make mistakes but their effort will be more strong. When saying this he mainly was sayin that it is going to be a change in the government no matter how negative the issue. It is actually an uplift to see a black president quote and live out a famous leaders dream who was Martin Luther King Jr. Out of all the black men in the world i rock with Barack.

  48. lachrisa09 says:

    I chose to watch the video “Wyclef’s Personal Statement on the accusations against Yele Haiti” because I knew it would come straight from the heart due to the fact that Wyclef is not only from Haiti but he loves n supports Haiti also. After watching it I really felt his need to get up and do every and anything he could, because I know if I had money or anything I would do the same for my country if it was going through the same as Haiti. I also think it is every nice for Wyclef to not give up on his country and to put together this organization to help where he was born. It is very encouraging and applauding what Wyclef is doing and has done for Haiti.

    Lacrishia Jeffries

  49. shanistar89 says:

    I am grateful that Michelle obama is lending her voice in support of haiti. I think she has been a great first lady. Her efforts to still try to supply the needs for them and getting behind organizations is beyond generous. We need more people like that in the white house and supporting haiti.

  50. shanistar89 says:

    wyclef has always put a effort forward in helping his people. I think the media just wanted to have some kind of accusation against him. He has try his best to help his people and setting up his own organization was a smart move on his behalf.

  51. Well the “academia” post was interesting. I could relate “right of the bat” from the first few paragraphs. From being a nerd and in the books, to being well prepred for the real world i understand totally. I feel like my parents have instilled the sme work ethic dr. robinson speaks about in this post. But hey look her now she is a college professor, a great job, and proabably makes great money…

    Amon Jackson
    eng lit 111 11-1150 mwf

  52. The rock Obama was very funny to me. It was like a representation of what barrack might feel like through all his meetings and addresses. The rock played barrack’s alter-ego, i liked alot it was very comical. I know he gets stressed just people with regular jobs do you know. I totally love the video

    Amon Jackson
    eng lit 111 mwf 11-1150

  53. I watched the “on to the next one” video. Its been alot of talk about jay-z being part of a cult or “devil worship” group. Now if you know the signs, this video is filled with alot of signs, from the cross surrounded by two bullets, the women in the white dress, the black bleeding white. This makes me question Mr. Shawn Carter and his beliefs…

    Amon jackson
    eng lit 111 mwf 11-1150

  54. Wyclef has been a major help to aide the people in haiti. for years he as aided the proverty stricken population of jamaica and haiti. His address and message was heartfelt and sincere, he is very passionate about his work, and non-profit organization. He is doing a good thing.

    Amon Jackson
    eng lit 111 mwf 11-1150

  55. niesje8 says:

    i watched the video about beyonce. i chose to watch that video because i knew that would have my interest. beyonce is one of my favorite female artists and i love her new show. i think beyonce is the female version of michael jackson for the world. she has an impact as big as michael’s on the world. and i got that out of the video. she went to egypt where she had the same experience she had in LA. that means a lot for a black female artist!

  56. lachrisa09 says:

    I chose to watch “Beyonce Interview on 60 Minutes” because I just love her and she really inspire me. I love how dedicated and hardworking Beyonce is. She inspire me to never give up on my dream no matter how much i have to lose to get what i really want because in the end it will all be worth it. I also like that she feel like her only competition is her self. She is very creative and out-going like myself.

    Lacrishia Jeffries

  57. lachrisa09 says:

    After watching President Obama video “Weekly address: Reining in Budget Deficits” I realized that we are very lucky to have Barack Obama as our President. Even though it takes more than one person to make a change, it can start by just one person to telling us its time for a change. All the progress we are making is from President Obama leading us in the right direction.

    Lacrishia Jeffries

  58. I just seen the video about beyonce on 60 minutes. I’m glad to see how beyonce is getting some recognition for a good thing and about how she use to act as a young women on tour. Also I was shocked at how she was so popular in other countries other the U.S. Another thing is I always found it amazing at how she can preform her dance routines in heels.

  59. I justed watch obamas weekly address about opening doors for small business owners. I am glad that he is bringing recognition to the average joe saying we need to focus on stoping the increase of unemployment rate even more. Also that we should give more money to local banks.

  60. I just watched Obamas weekly address. I am relief to know that he is trying to do something about the unemployment. I am glad he realized that it is time to stop increasing the unemployment. Many peoples are without jobs and are becoming homeless. I do not think people should have to go through that.

    • kkklllggg says:

      After recently watching Obama’s weekly addresses, I see the passion he has to make our government better and more reliable. When it comes to citizens working and increasing job rates, Obama is going exceedingly far to see this to be done. He gives the nation a large amount of comfort and dignity.

  61. I chose to watch the video with President Obama, i chose this video i liked the way he talked about giving people hope to follow there dream and how he is planning to increase jobs and donating large amounts of mone to do so.

  62. On we ae the world video, this was a clear indication how we all can band together and maken positive music. The song was for a casue, and at the same time there was a song made for the hatiti situation. To me it was funny how history repeats itself.But honestly im tired of all these songs being made when something tragic happens, are you serious? how about just do something to fix it, cut all the exagerated stuff out.

    amon jackson
    eng 111 11am-11:50am mwf

  63. OMG! sueheir Muhammd kill it on def poetry jam. Her delivery was heart felt more than rehersed. Looking at it from an artist prespective her lyrical content was excellent, word play excellent, metaphors excellent, everything excellent!!! This told a story of arabic man that is judged by his culture and race but is not the war on iraq. He was tired of bush and he understood the situation more clearly because he was apart of us navy.

  64. This is not the first time ive heard the poet “black ice”. He is amazing ive always aspired to be as lryical like himself. I can really relate to the poem called the loe soilder. I know how he feels not from the father point of view but from te childs point of view.

    amon jackson
    eng 111 11am-11:50am mwf

  65. I watched the new we are the world video for the haiti relief and I am glad that all these artist got together to do something positive. Also, they did a great job in remaking an already great video. This really puts a good image in this artist and show they aren’t only about themselves and that money.

  66. jfloyd21 says:

    “We are The World”. This post is telling the world to gome together as one. No matter what color you are we are all one. This looks like an 80’s video so at that point of time every artist who was out came together and made a message song. The son spoke on what was going on in the world; it also spoke on how wr should help others because people are dying and struggling. So come together.

  67. jfloyd21 says:

    “We are the World 25 For haiti”. This was a very touching video. The video was a tribute to haiti, every artist who came together to help haiti remixed we are the world. This son is telling everybody and anybody to give and help haiti, we have it so help others. Wow, almost every artist in the industry came together for Haiti.

  68. jfloyd21 says:

    Suhier Muhammad. The post of her poetry, very nice. This lady made poetry of what happened on 911. The poetry focused on the world, bush, New York, and even though she cursed it fir her poerty. To me the lady just spoke out for many people in the world. I also noticed that she focused much on new york. Im not really into poerty but it was nice, she grasped my attention.

  69. morf0128 says:

    The georgia me for your protection was hilarious yet very true. I agree with her in many aspects of her poem. She is not going to get caught up in the moment and let that moment influence her entire life, she tries to emphasize that she is a mature women and doesnt take BS from anyone.

  70. morf0128 says:

    I like the lemon where im from video because he reps where he is from and see’s past the negatives. He tells it how it is and is as real as he can get. His rhymes are sick and the way he describes it makes it feel like you have been there to see the things he says.

  71. darlida says:

    At first when the death jamz poetry video came on; I thought it was just going to be a comedy video. It end up being a lady who made a poem talking about her having safe sex. She made it very clear how she felt reguarding herself and having safe sex. The video wasn’t what i thought it was going to be, but it kept my attention; because it contain a good message.

  72. darlida says:

    The def jamz poetry by Lemon called where I’m from was very good to me. It also contain a important message behind it. At first i thought he wwas just going to talk about where his from but he had me fooled. The message that i really like and is all a q

  73. darlida says:

    the Lord may not come when you ask but his always on time. His poem didn’t just talk about where his from, but also how he believe in God.

  74. darlida says:

    The Malcolm X video had some important points view in it. It caught my attention when he was talking about his religion. also the way he compared other religions. He made me think hard about the religion statement he made; because in different languages God has different names.

  75. darlida says:

    The Obama speech was short and straight to the point. I feel that Obama is going to come throught on the plans he made to better America. Things he promised to help people who don’t have alot of money. I feel like Obama is help the poor and keeping them from getting poorer.

  76. darlida says:

    The Michael Jackson video we are the world is a very inspirational song. It also contain some very famous singers. I feel that “We are the world” because people make the world what it is today. I feel that we can either make or break the world, because the actions make the consequences of what we choose to do.

  77. darlida says:

    The we are the world 25 for Haiti video, made me feel like we are one as people. The reason is because of all the help Haiti is getting from many different countries. I feel that we really are as one even know where from different place,but we come together to help each other out. And all differences are put a side reguardless of what happen between some countries.

  78. darlida says:

    The Obama video pay as you go video had alot of good points. I like when he said: You can’t spend a dollar unless you cut a dollar eslewhere. I feel that’s true, if your a wise spender you have to be wise on themoney you spend. You can’t get everything, because then you would probably end up being broke. As well as peoplwould not appreciate the work that is put to get a dollar.

  79. For the def jam poerty “For your protection” im really happy that you put that video on because i feel that young blcak females let men talk them into having unprotected sex everyday. Young ladies need to know how to say no ,because HIV is no joke its real.

  80. “Where I from” Lemon talks about the community he lived in and it relates to every hood in america everyone can relate to what he is saying. He talks about the police and how the police do more wrong then the people they put in jail.

  81. “Malcolm X” I love this video because he talks about things that went on back in his day, that are still happing today. X knew what he was and what he believed in but that still didnt stop him from trying to help everyone and to tech them how to protect themself.

  82. Obama wants to help the people and he doing his part, by trying to get both parties together and help the people of the united states with the problems with health care. He said many things and now he doing something to back up what he said.

  83. “We Are The World” I love the song its says a lot about the singers, that they all came together black,whit,mixed,and blind. came together to make one of the greatest songs that was every made. The song ment so much to me because thay song about the world and if you do not take of the children there would be no future. If we do not take care of the world want there wont a future.

  84. Suheir Hammad poem so much to me because she made me relize how real the wars are. I could picture myself being there in the war of even having a family member in the war. I never sat in thought abut the war and thought what if?

  85. “Black Ice” Poem said so many right things, and how many families do not have two parents in the same house hold. I love to see a father that loves his children and would want to be there fir the children that he fatherd. Many fathers today are no where to found when there lil girl friend or boo thing on the side is having a baby.

  86. kkklllggg says:

    When I say For your protection was the most interesting video I’ve seen thus far. I mean this video is fact binding words broke down into funny metaphors. Her feeling toward the audience was that of caution. As she repeatedly kept a negative appearance to the bareness of sex. The audience was even in aw and followed it with a comical standing ovation. Very funny stuff right there.

  87. kkklllggg says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong here but “Where I’m From” was kind of confusing at first. His delivery was a little wondering to me. When he mentioned ‘county of kings’ I didn’t know what he meant. At the end when he concluded about Christianity I took the assumption of the Trinity connected to God.

  88. I have just viewed the video Def Jam poetry-Georgia Me “for your protection”. I think this is a great ideal for people to tell their partners to rap up. Even though I think we should not have more then one partners. When having sex with people we should always have that thought in the back of our heads of the different STD’s that could be caught.

  89. After viewing Lemon: where I’m from poetry jam I really did not understand his message he was trying to give. I understood the fact that he was trying to explain where he was from and what all happened where he was from. I do not think he was clear enough in giving his message. I did love how he ended his message.

  90. In the Malcolm X video I found it very interesting. I loved the quote that was on the screen as the video played. I agree with the quote. It reminded me of the back to the future blog. In order for us to focus on our future we have to live for today and set goals for our future. I also think we all should take a stand from narrow minded peoples whether then compromising with them.

  91. I have just viewed Weekly Address: Premiums, Profits, and the Need for Health Reform The White House. I think it is great that Obama is doing a great thing by giving people hope of geting health care. Many people are without health care. I think health care is a important part of our life.

  92. The video on Michael Jackson – We Are The World has always been one of my favorite songs. When I was in elementary we used to always listen to this song. We would to model to this song at the end of the play during black history month.

  93. I totally agree with Obama in the video Weekly Address: Pay As You Go. We as Americans have to learn how to be more responsible. We need to be able to put our responsible first and then our wants. I think it is a great Law that we have to pay as we go. This way we will not be in as much debt as we are in.

  94. I enjoy the Suhier Hammad poetry. It grabbed my attention that I could not stop listening to what she said. I keep thinking about the violence and great details the women read in the poem. The poem kind of reminded me of the world trade center. How frighten and scared some of the people felt. The fact people felt the tensity of being attacked like that shocked me.

  95. I agree with Obama with the weekly address. People in this world need health care. Health care is very expensive with the low incomes of the average everyday people. Children are in an average of getting hurt or injured nowadays. The help with that issue will help people out and they will be able to pay their bills on time.

  96. In the black ice lone soldier the guy in the yellow baseball jersey was very good in the def jam. He killed it when he explain about the boy being called a lone soldier and one day he would understand. This poem was as deep as 2pac Shakur lyrics. The poem reminded me about a kid I knew in that situation. I like these types of poems because they remind me of real life situations.

  97. asmi1002 says:

    (def jam) poetry “for your protection” I liked this, because it is a good message in it. It will make people think the next time they have sex. Also it tells you to wrap it up

  98. asmi1002 says:

    (lemon) This was a good one. He told you where he is form and mad you fell at home. It was cool because he told you the good and the bad.

  99. asmi1002 says:

    (weekly address)I think that he is trying to make both parties come out on top. Also at the same time help families and small business win also. It should all work out as long as no one tries to tack too much.

  100. I respect Obama on the pay as you go plan. People keep thinking that Obama is not doing anything or has not done anything since he been in office. They do not understand how the political process works. When a president makes a bill or law it has to be approved be congress. The president can not just make a bill and see it through like that.

  101. asmi1002 says:

    (we are the world)
    This is a nice song. It tells you that love is important to have in your life. Also you can help make a change.

  102. asmi1002 says:

    we are the world 25 for haiti
    I like this because it is for a good reason. Also, because is have all type of arties. And it makes you think about everything you have and are grateful for.

  103. asmi1002 says:

    Pay as you go sounds good. If you can not pay as you go then you do not need to spend. I am happy that he signed the ‘’pay as you go” rule into law

  104. The We are the World is something great for Haiti. The video was incredible. I like how everybody got together and sang the song. It was not only blacks but other kinds of people showing their talent to the world in a little video. I hope this video open people hearts out to help Haiti.

  105. I never met Malcolm X of course. But I felt like I was there with him while he was giving that speech. He said some real things in that speech. It felt like a poetry to me in a kind of way. He said he was Islam and he believed in God but called him a different name. Every other religion like Hebrew and Jewish believed in the same thing but called him a different name.

  106. That Lemon guy really spoke his mind in where i’m from. He talked about the daily lives that a low and middle class person goes through similar to him. People do have boot leg DVD’s and CD’s selling and hustling on the streets. Parents do send their young or children to school to become someone one day. The life we normal people live isn’t different from Lemon.

  107. Georgia me for your protection is an interesting video. She kept it real about using a condom and why it was important to use at all times before during and sex. People slip and catch a nasty STD that ends up destroying their lives at one point. People let their hormones go loose and forget the most important thing. Use a condom a person does not know what that particular person been with so be safe.

  108. We need to open business for small business. The recession is giving people an excuse to be lazy. While it might seem funny to the rich politician, it is depressing to the low and middle class people who are putting effort on making a living. I agree with Obama on making small business active. Now Americans are trying to find alternatives on financial needs like filing for unemployment and etc.

  109. Beyonce is a talented women. I do not listen to her music but I respect her hard work and dedication on something she loves doing. Pushing hard for your dreams brings great character out of a person. If she believes that Sasha Fierce is her other side once she hit the stage so be it. I hope she keeps her success.

  110. tscarr says:

    Georgia Me “For Your Protection”

    This blog is funny but it is real. She is telling the truth. So many STD’s are going around all around the world. Wrap it up and be protected not only for you but for your partner.

  111. tscarr says:

    Lemon “Where Im From”

    He is talking about his city and he is proud of where he comes from. He is explaining his culture and the good and bad that comes with it. Even though it is hard to hear he is telling it and is confident in his city. Brooklyn, New York is where he comes from and he is telling the surroundings and the way of life in the city.

  112. tscarr says:

    He is talking about his city and he is proud of where he comes from. He is explaining his culture and the good and bad that comes with it. Even though it is hard to hear he is telling it and is confident in his city. Brooklyn, New York is where he comes from and he is telling the surroundings and the way of life in the city.

  113. tscarr says:

    Malcolm X by any means necessary

    Malcolm X is saying that people who work hard for what they want in life will attain it. You have to study, focus and know what you want out of life. Malcolm X is just saying that with God all things is possible.

  114. tscarr says:

    Malcolm X is saying that people who work hard for what they want in life will attain it. You have to study, focus and know what you want out of life. Malcolm X is just saying that with God all things is possible.

  115. tscarr says:

    Healthcare is already expensive in the United States. Now they want to raise health care premiums again. People cannot afford healthcare anymore. People are losing their jobs which is resulted in the loss of medical insurance. The government needs to do something about this fast.

  116. tscarr says:

    This song is one of the greatest song ever written. This is a song of world wide unity. This songs brings peace in everyone hearts around the world. Love this song and all the singers in it. Michael Jackson deserved to be tributed.

  117. tscarr says:

    Lone Soldier is a poem so common for kid’s who’s parents are seperated. Boys and girls longing for their fathers to come and see them. Waiting on a certain day for their fathers to come and the father never shows up. This affects the kids so much.

  118. shanistar89 says:

    Malcolm x starting a speech with them attempted to burn his house and family alive, makes me admire him even more. I wouldn’t have been able to make a speech the next day but his bravery and him wanting people for his kids and his people is what brought him to that podium. His speech touch my heart and made me think about somethings that some of things he said is still going on in the world today. His speech touching on the fact that his religion isn’t base on worshipping a person but he worships the same god that everybody else does only calling him by a different name. The point that he made that we have already been indicted before we are born is still being a part of our society. In todays society statistics have proven malcolm’s case. I think with President Obama being in office and providing opportunities we need to grasp them while we have the chance.

  119. shanistar89 says:

    I love georgia me “for your protection”. We need to learn to always use protection , i love you doesn’t protect you. We need to stop being statistic rise above being constantly placed below white america. I think people need to educated themselves and pay attention to the consequences of having sex. I love you doesn’t protect you.

  120. shanistar89 says:

    Now that i have finally heard the whole song i like it. I got alittle emotional. I applaud the effort but it seem like it was missing something more like someone. I believe michael jackson would have just put the icing on the top. I hope the song raises enough money to continue helping to rebuild haiti. lil wyane, the rap versa and jamie fox doing ray j shouldn’t have been included.

  121. twat0705 says:

    T. Watkins ENG 111/11am

    I loved the Def Jam Poetry – Georgia Me “For Your Protection” video. This video is just what we need in our community. The poet raises awareness about protecting ourselves and sheds a light on the issue through the usage of comedy yet it gets the message across.

  122. shanistar89 says:

    I love beyonce. She is the one of the ultimate performer next to michael and janet jackson. I love to see her fall in them heels, its hilarious. I like that she is a shy and humble person that knows the appropriate time to get aggressive. She doesn’t come of as a arrogant person. I Know that people like her is hard to find in the world today, especially in the music industry.

  123. twat0705 says:

    T. Watkins ENG 111/11am

    After viewing the Suheir Hammad – Def Poetry video, i must admit that I have a new found view on the stereotype that is spreading rather quickly about those from the middle east. Suheir Hammad has done justice to her own people through causes us all to see things quite differently.

  124. shanistar89 says:

    President obama calling out these companies that is robbing and bulling the poor;I want him to have another 8 years. People that are saying he aint doing his job need to pay attention. I can’t wait for the health care to be completely pushed through. These weekly address in letting us know what is going on behind closed doors needed to be done along time ago. I love knowing where my tax dollars are going.

  125. The movie blog soldier of love by sade was weird or odd to me. I know everybody expresses themselves differently with a type of emotion. But I learn to respect others opinions, expressions and views. Person can teach another person morals about love in their way. The woman was talented and had lots of unusual features in her video.

  126. President Obama gives good advice to build up a person confidence. The Savannah Technical is a fantastic video for students. I like how Obama spoke to the speaker and student. He wanted them to succeed like a parent wants their child to achieve success. Doing this can lift up a person spirit to achieve their goal in Savannah Technical.

  127. The Erkyah badu movie blog was interesting. I like how she broke down in categories friends, fans, and artist. She said, “which one are you.” She explain the life of each category and explain what it is about. Artist life have a price to pay for fame.

  128. I am not a Jay-Z fan and never will be. But I respect his success and achievements. The forever young video teaches people something. No matter what age a person is he or she always will have a kid in them. The black and white concept help explain the meaning.

  129. A vision of students today is a great video. It is something any college student can relate to. I like how the messages on the walls desks and boards were all around the classroom. Something like that had me wondering about my future in college. I like videos like that for one reason because you always learn something from them even though it might be a brief lesson.

  130. “young forever” i like the song i feel that jay-z was trying to make a good point in the video. To me jay-z was saying that everyone loves when they were a kid and sometimes we al wish we could go back and be a kid again.

  131. The Erkyah badu movie blog was very nice to me. i love all of her work she is a very great poet/singer. She talks about so many things that makes me think about things in my future. Everyone have a price to pay, it its worth having its worth working for.

  132. A vision of students today was a great video. I love the way the class room looked like. evry class room should look like that if you ask me, becuse it helps the students feel more at home. having a class room that have many messages around the room gives the students motivation to do their work and to stay focus.

  133. “motives and thoughts” was a good video it made me think about the things she was saying in the video. sha talked about many things that is going on in to day life. She talked about the black people and what motivates them. No one can control our thoughts, no one but yourself. So no matter what any one takes from you they can nevr take what is in you mind.

  134. Motives and Thoughts by Lauryn Hill had a deep message. I like how she said we had to check our motives and thoughts. People in this planet has different motives either good and bad. Every one thinks different but some people follow and some lead. People do wicked to one another like lie to get ahead of our neighbors and some do good like donate to the homeless, this is life we live it.

  135. Even though I really do not like Jay-Z, I enjoyed the video “forever young.” In the video I think he is saying that many peopel would love to stay young forever. As we grow up we tend to make mistakes. Many of the mistakes we make have us wishing we could replay life all over. In reality we know we cannot go back in time and replay the past.
    -Floretha Hughes
    Eng 111/11am

  136. I agree with Lauryn Hill, we all need to check our motives and thoughts. In life many of us have negative motives and thoughts. We should be able to have a postive mind set. We should be able to help each other not bring each other down.
    -Floretha Hughes
    Eng 111/11am

  137. A vision of students today was a video with a true message. Most of us waste our time on things we should not be doing. Instead of studing of listening to our professors we spend our time doing others things. The things that we think are not important are the one we should focus on more.
    -Floretha Hughes
    Eng 111/11am

  138. The Erkyah badu movie blog caught my attention. She broke her blog into three categories; friends, fans, and artist. In each category she explains it in a life situation. In life we have to pay for the price of the things we do.
    -Floretha Hughes
    Eng 111/11am

  139. morf0128 says:

    I really enjoyed the forever young video. I definetely agreed with the lyrics because i do not know who would want to live forever, it may sound nice but to lose everyone you love and you stay on sounds depressing. The video tries to emphasize how great our lifes are today and we tke advantage of what we have today.

  140. darlida says:

    Season Of Love Music Video

    The season of love music was interesting I never seen it before. I liked the message behind the video, measure your time in love. That is a very cute perception on how to measure your time. I guess there right in away because I feel like Love makes the world go round.

    Darlida Chatelain
    MWF 11AM

  141. darlida says:

    President Obama Video on Health Care reform being passed

    I am happy that this bill has been passed. The president and other people who helped him did a great thing. I feel like this will help more people because a lot of people can’t afford health care, but now they can. I also like how Obama acknowledge the people who help him make this possible. I am so happy he is the president.

    Darlida Chatelain

    MWF 11 Am

  142. darlida says:

    “Motive and Thoughts” by Lauryn Hill

    I really like this poem by Lauryn Hill. I like the message which the video contain. I do feel like our Motives and thoughts make us who we are. If we think and have good thoughts and motives then we can have better lives. It’s like a saying I read “whatsoever a man thinketh so is he”. The poem have me thinking and I am going to check my motives and thoughts.

    Darlida Chatelain
    MWF 11 Am

  143. darlida says:

    A Vision Of students Today Video

    This video was something new; it showed student who held notes about college. They had notes about how many papers they wrote a semester. Others had notes on how they spent their hours of day. I could relate to some of the notes they held up.

    Darlida Chatelain
    MWF 11Am

  144. darlida says:

    Erykah Badu Def Jamz Poetry

    Erkyah badu poem is talking her friends, her fans and herself. She stating that it seem like the more she achieve the more friends she lose. At the same time the more she gain it seem like people try to put her down. She’s trying to figure out who are her true friends and fans. She wants to show people her heart but some people can’t understand her.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MWF 11Am

  145. darlida says:

    Common A letter to the law Def Jamz Poetry Video

    The poem that Common wrote is about the law doing people wrong. It talks about how a black male was hung, and got no justice. Common stated “they want us to hold justice, but they ain’t handing me none”. This talks about how the law in forcers beat people down when people do nothing wrong. It’s basically saying that they want people to follow the law even when the people who in force don’t. Common says he is all for peace but he maintains a gun.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MMWF 11Am

  146. darlida says:

    Weekly Address: Education for a More Competitive America & Better Future video

    This video is Obama talking about an article that says the United States is behind in education. America no longer holds a big amount of college graduates. He talks about how to left up the next generation. He also mention how education is a part of being America and the future of America. That why he made the program no child left behind.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MWF 11am

  147. darlida says:

    Mayda Del Valle Def Jamz Poetry Video

    This video had a strong messaged behind it. It talked about how some men act like boys and don’t know how to treat women. It also mentioned how some women aren’t true to their selves; they take all the bad things men do to them. She also talks on her she is going to change, she going to apologize to the little girl in her. She going to change and wait for the men that will treat her right.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MWF 11Am

  148. darlida says:


    The Rev. Run video used children books and storie and talke about Run DMC. He talk about how hummpy dumpy fell and how that was his hard times. He also mention Jay from Run Dmc and how we will see him again.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MWF 11Am

  149. darlida says:

    President Obama at Savannah Technical College Video

    This video is Obama visting a technical college. He ask the students about the stuff their working on. He also has motives them to work hard. He also wish the lucky and encourage them to keep up the good work.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MWF 11Am

  150. darlida says:

    Jay-z video On to the next

    I think this video is about him moving on to the next. I think the title for the song says it all. The video had alot going on.To submit all up the video is kind of weird to me.

    Darlida Chatelain
    MWF 11Am

  151. darlida says:

    Jay-z video Forever Young

    This video didn’t really keep my attention. But what I did get from the video is he tslking about his going to be forever young. The title of this song kind of tells it all. I understand what he trying to because alot of people don’t want to get old.

    Darlida Chatelain
    MWF 11 Am

  152. kkklllggg says:

    “On to the Next One” was a very controversial video to some. It was depicted as an demonic video that shadowed mason descriptions throughout the video. After seeing this video numerous of times I’m came to the conclusion that it really does. If you can notice towards the end you’ll see a flash of a rosemary in the middle with two upside down bullets representing the Blueprint 3

  153. ceeceed3 says:

    i think that song was nice. the way people came together in all races was something special too. it went from one woman trying to get other people to dance. that why she was dancing the only one then more people started coming i had a smile on my face when i saw that.

  154. darlida says:

    Sade Soldier Of Love Video

    I think this video is telling it’s viewer that the atrist is a soldier of love. I think she been throught heartbrreaks in love; so that makes her a soldier because she has not gave up on love. She will stick with love even through the hard times.

    Darlida Chatelain
    English 111
    MWF 11 Am

  155. kkklllggg says:

    ‘Young Forever” was sort of an understanding concept. Jay’z said as a father talking to a son’s ear yea the young get younger every year. To me that meant even though he is the son’s father the father is still in his young aspects. So when he tells his son somethings, it can usually be seen as an immature lesson taught through the eyes of those maturer.

  156. eben1201 says:

    I just watched the “Erykah Badu on Def Jam Poetry” video. I feel it was very interesting. I really like her poem. It is real true to life stuff.

  157. eben1201 says:

    i just watched the video “Def Poetry – Common – A Letter To The Law” video. It really makes me think about where we come from. our neigborhoods, the things that happen in them. How nothing really gets done to help us. Also how alot oof people carry guns around because you never know what can happen just walking to the store.

  158. kkklllggg says:

    “Seasons of Love” was showing us the appreciation of friendship. It showed throughout the video laughter and love in trials with equal tribulations. Very nice musical I must say, I like the singling out with character’s from the movie.
    Larry Ebron (kkklllggg)
    ENG 111
    MWF 11am

  159. eben1201 says:

    i just watched the “Rent Seasons Of Love” Music Video and honestly i don’t know what to say abooout it. Some of it reminds me of my mother and how had she has worked to make sure I stay in school. i really done know what else to say about it.

  160. kkklllggg says:

    Lastly President Obama health reform passage was powerful and understanding. He shows us how much he cares for America, and shows us the importance on how this passage is not for the parties but victory for the American people. His endurance to care for America is exceedingly incredible, I rock with Barack.

  161. kkklllggg says:

    Erykah Badu is one of my favorite female songwriters and poets. Her delivery is outstanding with suspense and comedy. It is as her poems and reality are one without if trying. She makes her stanzas so true with everyday aspects. This video is a number one.

  162. kkklllggg says:

    Lauryn Hill again another exceptional songwriter and poet. This video here was very deep and factual. She made very define facts about the world’s thoughts and showed us the outlook on what that does for us. Know your “Motives and Thoughts” very inspirational.

  163. kkklllggg says:

    The “Vision of Students Today” is very real in detail of what students think. I appreciate this video actually being broadcast because it personally makes me appreciate my school with it’s size. Mainly because the teachers have a better focus on the students and actually can interact with more students than normal universities.

  164. Lauren Hill is a deep minded women, i could never have put those words together so well. After listening to that poem a chill goes down your body, it is really helpful when you are down. Learning your motives and thoughts, before pursuing is very important in this world we live in.

  165. Jay z has once again outdone himself, to me just about every song he has been releasing has had a very strong positive vibe. Everyone has felt like this once in there life, were there tired of being adults and wish they were foever young. Me being young i feel exactly were hes coming from, personaly i am not ready to grow up i still want to chill and watch cartoons.

  166. Obamas health care plan sounds like its going to direct our country on the right path. Small businesses and agencys diserve to have insurance,Covering themselves as well as there employes. In about 4 years my health care benifits should cover me and my family showing a hope for our futures. I am behind this issue all the way i know it will pay off in the future.

  167. This vidoe expressed that love is a big deal. Love is needed in this world or we would have a lot of angry people. Even in the worst situations love over powers the bad, making the world a better place to live. This video also, express a love for all different races and ethnicity bringing them together as a loving city. I have never saw the show rent but from the looks of the video it is a awful looking, loving place to stay.

  168. morf0128 says:

    I agree with the previous post. Love is extremely important in this world and it can make or break a persons day. No matter the person or the race everyone feels it and when they do that feeling is irreplaceable. That is what this video tries to explain, that love is a essential part of life and sometimes it is what makes peoples days better.

  169. “George Bizet (1838-1875) composed his opera Carmen following the old tradition of setting operas in Spain, more than 20 in Seville alone. It opened in 1875 at the Opera Comique in Paris.The story-line is more complicated than Prosper Merimée’s novel; more characters were added and stereotypes exaggerated by the libbrétists Meilhac and Halevy.
    The original story had to be adapted to conform to the conventions and expectations of the audience accostumed to bourgeois melodrama. The result was a little too shocking for the family theater (Carmen was a public enemy, a threat to law and order, conjuring revolutionary ghosts, and inevitably had to die in the end, something unseen in the Opera Comique) but also a little too diluted and denaturalized for the purist, who considered it basically a French opera imbued with Spanish gypsy motifs, perhaps a Spanish reflection of a moment in French history, after the failed revolution of the Paris Commune. It was not a success, initially.
    Nevertheless, Carmen would soon become the most popular opera of all time and the Spanish Gypsy the enduring symbol of the exotiziced romantic construction of Spain, as can testified by the numerous versions and resurrections of Carmen, on stage, on screen, even on ice. Amazingly, as to this day Carmen is still often claimed, in academic discourse and in popular culture, to represent the pure -unmediated- spirit of Spain”.

  170. The La Tragedie de Carmen had me thinking for a second. Situations like this one happens in real life. They are some women who are unfaithful and some abusive men. Overall I like the theme to be honest.

  171. The Dailymotion- Carmen Jones 1954- une video had great drama. Love can make a person do crazy things. If love does not turn out the way the person wanted it to be do not beat themselves up. Learn from the mistakes of the relationship if that person does not end up like Carmen. Use the mistakes as life lessons to reduce the chances of the mistakes to happen again.

  172. Love is a powerful affection that nobody can avoid. I respect Carmen Jones to tell the truth on Why she was not attending the trip with the others. DailyMotion- Carmen Jones Whizzin Away Along shows how strong love can be. Plus the attraction or affection is deeply for another mate. I like this video blog because it was more zoom in and I can see the people expressions when a certain mood has changed. The La Tragedie de Carmen camera view suck hard even though it was dramatic I wanted to see the actors drama closer.

  173. The Dorothy Dandridge preview was a great summary or abstract of the video blog. It shows in good details how Carmen falls in love then have a change of heart of the popular boxer. I like how it presented the video in modern time to catch people’s attention nowadays much better. There are people like Carmen that take risks in tragic circumstances but as human beings we should learn to consider others than ourselves even though our life is in stake. But Carmen taught me something in the Video blog it is best to get to know someone even though as a person you are madly attracted to the opposite sex or whatever.

  174. Poetri Driving on Def Poetry Jam is a entertaining video blog. The poet name poetri said some real life experience circumstances while driving. People do look out there windows at others who other have no car or walking in a horrible weather. It is rude to curse out the edlderly especially an edlerly women. They deserve respect for their existence and good knowledge that they can share to the young.

  175. Hoodology “Mike Booker is the best video blog I have seen in my opinion. His lyrics reminded of Tupac Shakur lyrics of music songs like Me Against The World, My Block, Smile, It Ain’t Easy and Until The End Of Time. Mike opened my eyes about how hard others have it worst than people. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head and my mind is focus on my education. Not alot of people have chances or life ezxperiences like me so I do cherish what I have and wished others had it to or maybe better. I appreciate what my mother and father always tell me to be happy on what you have and school can make it much better. I wished that everyone else in this world would have two parents that loves them to help them become somebody.

  176. Yellow Rage- def poetry jam presents real life situations. People in this world are afraid to be themselves. Either the copy someone else or belittle someone else because they are different of their race appearance and etc. That is wrong to do to another person. People in this world need to ignore the negativity thrown at them or use that negativity to become a better person in life. We call those negative people haters!

  177. Def Poetry Jam Alicia Keys POW was kind of odd to me at first. The prison of Words had me wondering what people are thinking in their mind. Are they thinking the same thing Alicia said in her lyrics. They are thinking something else in their minds. Sometimes people want to say things but stop because of another voice tell them to or they feel like the time is not correct to say what is needed to be said.

  178. Rent Seasons Of Love Music Video song had great rhythm to it. The video had some exiciting events happening. In this video the singers were saying about love in a positive way because either a couple were kissing or holding hands. They were also hugging too. Love brings out happiness out of people in certain moments. The different seasons of love gives off different moods like happy sad angry or depress.One of the singers said, “Measure your life with love.”

  179. I have watched Yellow Rage- def poetry jam Many people are afriad to accept life situations that come their way. I think we should ignore the negative things in life and focus on the positive things that come our way. Most people do not want to see people succeed in life.

  180. In La Tragedie de Carmen it reminded me of real life situations. In life many people cheat. Many people only think of their own self and do not think about other people feelings. We need to think more about others.

  181. The Dailymotion- Carmen Jones 1954- une video had a lot of drama. Love can make a person do crazy things. Many people would do all types of crazy things if they get hurt from love. If it do not turn out the way people want it to they will some time kill to try to be happy. A lot of people have this saying “if I can’t have you then not one can.” I think it is crazy but it is true.

  182. The video Dorothy Dandridge preview showed good details in how Carmen falls in love then have a change of heart of the popular boxer. I think that it was wrong her to move in and out and then back into a relationship like she did, but in life many people go through these life changes.

  183. jfloyd21 says:

    In all the videos about poetry and even the carmen video there was a message. (I had trouble posting comments under the videos on odpod so in this comment im going to cover all)

    Carmen. Carmen is the type of woman who is out to steal and devour. the Genral already had a woman, he was ready for amrriage. His mistake was how he fell for Carmen. Cindy lou was his world, but along came carmen something like a one night stander. She devoured the Genral. Along the way his focus was getting off track. If he would have staye dwith Cindy, his sergeant would not have been so harsh on him. for wxample the club scene his Sergenat attempted to fight with him so that he would be demoted. The sergeant also tried to conquer cindy lou, that didnt work so the attempt at Carmen fell through. Cindy lou is teh all around girl she was passed and will leave if she see’s something toufghre than you. This play covered real life situatuions, like already in a relationship and backsliding, messing with other peoples spouses, and more.

    All of teh def jam stand up comics passed a message as well. In all of their poems or jokes fell back off of a story or refferred to a real life situation that had great meaning behind its words.

  184. ceeceed3 says:

    carmen to me is a example of our everyday people decision. truth be told we would of done exzactly what she of done if we was in her predictament well i would want to live mmy life too to the fullest if i seen that foprtuane read death card. but i wouldnt do the man i with like that, then again you will never know.

  185. kkklllggg says:

    Alicia keys had a great way of describing a person who holds their tongue. “Prisoner of Words” was mainly saying how if we want to have confidence in our words, we have to open up our mouths and speak forth. For many won’t understand you or know what your feelings our if you don’t express.
    Larry Ebron
    ENG 111

  186. kkklllggg says:

    “Yellow Rage” was a very direct message to those who hated Asians.The beginning was kind of interesting because of the continuous talking at the same time. It was as the words were that of anger in their heads. Quite a attention grabber, I enjoyed the different switch offs between certain tantrums.

  187. kkklllggg says:

    Hoodology was a real deep poem talking about the struggle in the urban and ghetto areas of Mike Booker’s life. I was real attentive to the descriptions he used for his ways to survive out in the streets. I believe if that poem came directly from the heart and was a real moment in act.

  188. lkballa4 says:

    Latara King:
    Alicia Keys-POW
    This was a whole different side of Alicia Keys, she played the role well. She was expressing her self as a drug addict and was in character all the way off the stage. She went to a place to describe all the emotions and feelings she had. This Def Jam Poetry was one like no other. Differently moved me.

  189. morf0128 says:

    Carmen Jones the video where Joe is taking her to jail is pretty comical. She knows how to seduce men and it shows since she does not have a worry in the world when Joe allegedly says he is taking her to prison. Carmen is a attractive girl and she uses it to her advantage. All in all i think Carmen Jones is a great story and is played by the perfect actress.

  190. morf0128 says:

    The Alicia Keys poetry was just magnificent. The way she played the role of a drug addict could have fooled me to believing it was real. This side of Alicia is one not many people have seen and i was definetely impressed. Keep the new videos of poetry similar to this coming.

  191. ceeceed3 says:

    the veido was good. i never seen romeo and juliet. i never even seen a play of it. all i know is pretty musch that romeo and juliet parent did want them together. they come from different society and juliet fake her death and a miss conception happen and romeo throught that she really did died and he killed hisself. that all the story i hard but to know it actually see it on a veido i never even seen it on that. black eye peas did a really good job too.

  192. I’m really encouraged by this post because I believe everybody is a good writer in their own ways. I know most are really good writers but have trouble getting what they think onto paper. Thanks to this website anyone can view stories or essays and learn techniques to enhance their writting, and I believe reading others postings can help anyone and me to write a bit better.

Very Interesting.

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