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Should Young Celebrities Be Role Models?


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Young Celebrities Should They Be Role Models?

I’m not saying that I’m the biggest fan of the people I’m going to discuss in this article , but at the same time I aim to try and tell the story from both sides in the way that I see it . Please if you have a comment to make after reading, leave it in the comments section.

People concerned to name a few…

In this article I’m going to expand on people such as

  • Justin Bieber


  • Miley Cyrus


  • One Direction


Mainly because of how popular to everyone else ( in general) and because of how I believe they are bad role models.

I aim to go into why I think this as well as try and give a few reasons why I think they have ended up the way that they have. I’ll try and give it from their side too…

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USA TODAY: Miley Cyrus faces wrath of giant-finger creator


Miley Cyrus faces wrath of giant-finger creator

“She took an honorable icon… and degraded it,” Steve Chmelar says.


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Laurean D. Robinson, MA