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Five Things To Know About The Miami Heat Offseason

Originally posted on CBS Miami:

MIAMI (AP) — LeBron James headed to the Bahamas on vacation, Chris Bosh is on a world tour with his family and Dwyane Wade posted a photo of a new backpack suggesting he was ready for some offseason getaways as well.

So we know Miami’s “Big 3″ are going places.

Where those guys will be when training camp opens in September, well, that’s the story of the NBA offseason — and the next chapter could start to be unveiled during Thursday’s night draft. And here’s five things to know as the Heat get ready for the summer that will shape the direction of the franchise:


DRAFT NIGHT: Thursday’s draft might provide some clues.

If the Heat take a point guard, that might be a sign that free agent Mario Chalmers is expendable. If they take a big man, perhaps that indicates that James won’t be asked to post up…

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Donald Sterling: NBA Violated My Constitutional Rights


Right, and you have also been restricted from voting, going to college, getting married, and living in quality! #stopwhining

Originally posted on Radar Online:

In documents obtained by ET, Donald Sterling has denied that the NBA has lawful grounds to forcibly strip [him] and his wife of their ownership interest in the Los Angeles Clippers and claims that he should retain ownership of the team.

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Billboard In Kevin Durant’s Maryland Hometown Honors NBA MVP

Originally posted on CBS DC:

LANHAM, Md. (CBSDC) — The only place where Kevin Durant is more loved than Oklahoma City is Washington, D.C.

Just days after the Thunder star won his first NBA MVP award, a billboard was erected near Durant’s hometown of Seat Pleasant in Prince George’s County.

The billboard congratulates the 25-year-old all-star, reading: “from Seat Pleasant, MD to NBA MVP.”

It also features a photo of Durant looking down while wearing headphones, presumably Skullcandy brand, since the company’s logo is in the upper right corner of the billboard.

The road-side ad, which went up sometime Tuesday morning, is located along Central Avenue just across the D.C. line into Prince George’s County — just miles from where Durant grew up — and it appears to be a big hit.

Tiffany Ouarid, office manager for Q’s Quality Cars — whose used car lot offers perhaps the best up-close view of the ad —…

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‘There Will No Longer Be Institutional Racism In The NBA’- Mayor Kevin Johnson

Originally posted on Black America Web:

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Roland Martin discusses the lifetime ban of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling with ESPN’s Jason Whitlock and former NBA All-Star and current Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

“There have been more signs than his pillow talk tape that Donald Sterling is a bigot.  This has been going on for years,” Whitlock said.

Read the entire interview below:

ROLAND MARTIN:  Tom, Sybil and Jay I hope all is well with you guys today.  Everybody was riveted waiting yesterday for NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to make his big announcement as related to whatever was going to happen to Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers for the last 33 years after that tape was dropped 72 hours earlier showing him making racist comments.  Silver came out and said point blank that Sterling told him that it was indeed his voice on that particular…

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